Sacred Stone Massage

An Ayurvedic technique that uses the principles of 3 Doshas: Vata ( Wind element: stimulation/stress), Pitta ( Fire element: warmed stones/oils and towels), & Kapha ( Earth element: Basalt Stones, crystals, oil) and is designed to settle and ground your Vata by adding Pitta & Kapha elements.  Warm stones are placed on specific body parts to heat and penetrate many layers of tissue, and stones are used as extensions of my hands to massage the body throughout the session. This unique massage experience is calming and sedating.

Western        Techniques      Eastern
Foot Reflexology
The foot is the map of our body. The entire foot connects via 7,000 plus nerves and 6 meridians to particular organs, so when the feet are being rubbed the rest of the body benefits-plus it feels wonderful. Put your feet up, get an energy boost, increase the circulation after a long day, and take a nap (my dad always did/does). 

​Are highly irritable spots in the muscle tissue that contribute critically to pain. We accumulate these points of tension throughout life and retain them in the memory cells of our muscles. When these points are found an alternate method of deep tissue is applied. The point is held for 7 seconds then released and repeated.
An Ayurvedic technique that uses the pure essential oils derived from plants to aid in the healing process. The oils are diffused through the air, or applied on the skin. The Oils are medicinal and serve as health benefits; they are also pleasurable to the senses and can evoke interesting memories. Specific oils are chosen to accommodate the client’s needs. I use the highest quality essential oils from Elizabeth VanBuren. The oils are GC-MS tested beyond organic standards. 
This is a Japanese technique blended with Chinese. The body has a natural current of Qi or energy that flows through invisible pathways, which, can become blocked from physical and emotional stress. By holding points along the meridians (energy pathways) then rocking or stretching the meridians, we can increase the circulation and increase the energy along that pathway. There are 12 major meridians in our body, which correspond to our 12 major organs, thus our entire system is treated. 

This Western Philosophy uses 5 strokes to manipulate muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, fascia, connective tissue, and abdominal organs. Swedish is a soothing massage that connects your whole body. All strokes are applied in the direction of the heart. It helps stimulate circulation, frees up constricted muscle, decreases swelling, releases tension, and relaxes the whole body.

Deep Tissue

This technique has the same foundation as Swedish, but generally little to no oil is used, so the therapist can gain deeper access to fascia and muscle layers without losing traction. In Addition, there is more attention to detail by following the muscle and strumming each fiber and its dense connective tissue attachments.  

The healing Art of Reiki is unlike any other session. Mikao Usui was a Japanese man that discovered this healing technique while on a deep meditation. Reiki a non-invasive technique that allows the therapist to lay hands on a client and facilitate the flow of Energy.  Rei which means "God's Wisdom or Universal" and Ki which is "life force energy". So, Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy.
This ancient eastern philosophy is a healing technique that looks at the person as a whole rather than parts. Over 5,000 years of trial and error with the meridian system; the Chinese have developed a system that while holding a specific arrangement of points along the meridians the body will open up and allow for the healing to begin. This is a calming and non-invasive technique. 
Sports Massage

If you are an athlete, then you train throughout the year with specific goals and seriously train specific muscles pushing them to limits and testing their boundaries and only then do you realize how exciting it is to transform your body and mind by making a choice to train. Because, you are so body aware and work so hard you deserve to have a lazy man work out and instead of you pushing your body let the hands of another push on you.

Pre sports massage is used to warm up the body before an event so the technique is an up beat rhythmic compression that excites the large muscle groups, which gets the blood pumping to the surrounding tissue.  Post sports massage is a slower rhythm that rejuvenates specific muscle groups, for people that have strenuous workouts or sporting events. Massage helps athletes perform at their highest capacity by increasing circulation and mobility.

Somatic Technique

Both massage therapist and client actively participate through this session. Specific muscle groups are stretched to release chronically tight muscles. The specific stretching technique shortens and lengthens the muscle, so the muscle becomes aware of its fullest movement potential.