A Snippet of my Story
My name is Sheanine Sausedo and I am blessed to have a gift of healing and more blessed that I made my cool little gift into a career. Massage became my career when I graduated from the National Holistic Institute in 1998 and my massage practice has been thriving in downtown Martinez for 20 years!
I have been giving massage since I was a child. My dad loved a foot massage and would request one regularly after work, I realized how powerful massage was when my dad would fall asleep. I continue to make that impact on my clients. When a client sails into the Alpha state on my table that is pure relaxation for my client and a job well done for me

 A Peak into the Massage Session
 My goal is to give you A Perfect Massage. I listen to your body's story and perform a massage session to facilitate your healing process using a variety of the techniques that I learned and the techniques that you like. 
I love giving massage, and my body is comfortable with the work I do; my hands, fingers, and elbows become great tools during the session. My massage is quite firm and thorough and I use detail deep tissue: I knead tissue, I squeeze tissue, I strum tissue, I stretch tissue, I push tissue and I flow with your tissue. I believe these techniques break the memory cycle in the tissue, so the new memory in the tissue is comfort, elasticity, and fuller range. I believe repetition of strokes is the key to retain healthy memory: First stroke for an Introduction, repeat to Savor, repeat to Remember... 
My office is cozy, my table is warmed, and my hands are ready to give you A Perfect Massage.